Top 10 Science Colleges in India Ranking Wise Admission Fee

September 14, 2021

Top 10 Science Colleges in India

A Science degree is about more than Science; it can set you up for fulfillment in many different areas. Science is a way of helping the brain to grow, in finding new knowledge, help us to meet our curiosity level and how things are working in today’s world. Through Science, you gain a better understanding of the world around you. It challenges your brain. As you ponder on Science theories and concepts, your brain works twice as more which allows you to be smarter and intelligent as well as progressive. By studying Science, you are already in the mode of studying, writing, analysis, public speaking, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, ethics, creativity and much more. All these skills are very important in today’s world.

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The Government profusely encourages students to take the Science stream by offering scholarships to bright students and the assurance of a rewarding career with a great salary package. Getting a degree in Science opens up a variety of jobs for you such as fields of research, development sector, educational and space research institutes, hospitals and health care providers, pharmaceutical and biotechnical and chemical industry, testing laboratories, etc.

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A Science degree brings along great recognition and respect educationally and professionally. 

Getting a degree from top 10 Science colleges in India, you can guarantee yourself that you will follow your passions in life and you will genuinely enjoy what you are doing. By contrast Science, students who went to most selective colleges enjoyed quality education and helped them to grow as a person and a leader. Earning a college degree from top Science colleges in India is such an important step in life that it has become a central part of the ‘Indian dream’. It’s all about opening up opportunities in life. It prepares you both intellectually and socially which further on leads to overall happiness and stability. Below mentioned are the top Science colleges in India for 2019 as per the rankings published by NIRFMHRD/ The Week:

Miranda House-Delhi

Hindu College-Delhi

Madras Christian College-Chennai

Loyola College-Chennai

Christ University-Bangalore

Hansraj College-Delhi

Kirori Mal College-Delhi

Stella Maris-Chennai

Indraprastha College for Women-Delhi

Gargi College-Delhi

All the above colleges can be called a college of excellence that provides top-quality education and the highest standards of excellence. These colleges create an environment that encourages research activities. Teaching and learning are not only limited to the classroom but has gone to a higher level of learning programs in which students conduct research and learn from it. Top Science colleges in India provide training, summer projects, internship to their students which in return develops practical and analytic ability to apply their knowledge to. It’s a great opportunity for students to develop their own opinion.

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Choosing Science as your mainstream and studying in these top colleges will be quite beneficial for you. Just remember that as long as you put your heart and soul into doing what you love, it will work out for you.   

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