Top 100 Engineering Colleges In India Admission Fee Course Fee Details

September 14, 2021

Top 100 Engineering Colleges In India

India is one of the largest producers of Engineers in the world. The Indian Institute of Technology, Nation Institute of Technology, and all state and Central Government Owned Engineering and Technology College and Universities are considered the best in the country. Engineering is a popular stream of study among the youth of India.

Top Polytechnic Colleges in India

 In the present era, public sector companies prefer graduates from IITs and NITs, as these students are technically very skilled. Every year, around 11.5 lakh students who took JEE (Main), 2 lakh registered for admission to premier central institutes including IITs. Students often get baffled which Engineering college they should look out for.

Top Management Colleges in India Ranking Wise

Choosing top 100 Engineering colleges in India gives students an edge over others as these are autonomous universities that draft their own curriculum. These colleges are members of international network of universities so that an exchange program for students is available with universities in other countries. The list of top Engineering colleges compelled here is on the basis of factors like quality of students, research output, and academic productivity.

There are several private and government Engineering colleges that are ranked as top engineering colleges based on placements. Most of the joint entrance examinations will require you to score 40% weightage given to higher secondary results and 60% weightage was given to JEE (Main) results. To meet the increasing demand for the technological and scientific workforce in the industrial service sector of India, Engineering institutes under the banner of IIEST were created.

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Tamil Nadu ranks Number 1 city, having the most Engineering colleges making it a total of 934 colleges followed by Maharashtra with 734 Engineering college. Uttar Pradesh takes the third position consisting of 700 Engineering colleges, the most wanted colleges are for civil and computer Engineering.

One of the advantages of studying in top 100 Engineering colleges of India is there is likely to be better economic diversity among students which might help in learning some essential life lessons. Students are more academically oriented. Students in these colleges get to study in good infrastructure. The hostel facilities for students are well taken off. An able mind excels in a more comfortable environment. It also helps in broadening one’s horizon and perspective.

Top Commerce Colleges in India

Students studying in top 100 Engineering colleges in India suggest that the quality of education is definitely better, students are always surrounded by the right kind of people and there is no looking back. I am providing you a list of top 10 most preferred Engineering colleges in India.

IIT- Mumbai        In 2018, 47 out of 50 toppers had joined IIT Mumbai.

IIT-Delhi              Out of top 500 rankers, 142 students opted for IIT Delhi

IIT-Chennai         503 top rankers of JEE opted for IIT Chennai

IIT-Kanpur           52 top rankers choose IIT Kanpur as an institute of choice

IIT-Kharagpur     47 students opted for IIT Kharagpur

IIT-Roorkee        Out of 500 rankers, 35 have opted for IIT Roorkee

IIT-Guwahati      17 out of the top 500 rankers opted for IIT Guwahati

IIT-Hyderabad    7 out of the top 500 rankers chose IIT Hyderabad

IIT-Dhanbad   out of 500 rankers, 15 chose IIT Dhanbad

IIT-Patna           out of 500 rankers, 10 choose IIT Patna

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Best Engineering colleges in India