Medley Pharma Sima Khatib Scholarship 2020 Download Form PDF

March 12, 2020

Medley Pharma Sima Khatib Scholarship

The Medley Pharma Sima Khatib Scholarship 2020 notification is advertised by the NGO Sinkhai Foundation Trust. The organization named by the NGO Sinkhai Foundation Trust, the CSR wing of Medley Pharmaceutical Ltd is the main objective to eliminate illiteracy and poverty from society. This scholarship scheme is for students of state Maharashtra who are having an issue to bear the high cost of education. The clear aim of this scholarship is to provide continuous financial help to meritorious and needy students who want to pursue professional courses such as Engineering, Medical, and Polytechnic from the recognized institution in Maharashtra.

Benefits of Scholarships for Students

Medley Scholarship-

Organization name     

 NGO Sinkhai Foundation Trust, the CSR wing of Medley Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Information ForSima Khatib Scholarship Form 
The Objective of Medley Pharma Sima Khatib Scholarship There are 2 main objectives of this scholarship as:
  • To promote Education and 
  • To Provide Medical Services to the poor’s or needy.
The way to pay the Application Fee-
  • The applicant can pay the application fee Direct by cheque mentioning the name of the institute before taking the actual admission.
  • There is no cash payment Option.
Sima Khatib Scholarship Address- Medley Pharmaceuticals Limited Medley House, D‐2, MIDC Area, 16th Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai‐ 400093


 (SC/01 - Entry Point):

(1) It is the decision of concerned departments regards to sending the new students for the Scholarship program as it can be inducted any time during the year, but as it is decided to induct the many students between June to September of each year.

(2) The applying Students will get the benefit of shared scholarship after their class 10th  and onwards as for many courses which are applied under this category e.g, Junior College, Graduation, Diploma Course, Degree Course, Post - Graduation, I.T.I, Management Course, etc.

(SC/02 – the condition of Percentage):

1) The willing and applying Students should have secured a minimum 60% in the previous examination, before the induction. Whichever year they may be inducted, the condition to gain of the scholarship will be the same

2) The students who are ATKT then they will not be entertained.

(SC/03 – The Area of Operation):

1) The applying candidate must belong to the state of Maharashtra 2) The applying candidate must be pursuing the course in Maharashtra

(SC/04 - Total Income of the Family):

1) There is the condition of the total family income annually must  not be cross to Rs.2 Lacs

2) The total family income annually includes the other source of income

3) There is required to produce the required Documents as for the declaration of the income like salary slip, I.T. Return, Income Certificate issued by Tehsildar Office

(SC/04 - Maximum Sanction Amount):

1) The candidate must get know as shared here by the Sanction amount is up to Rs. Ten thousand/- p.a. but not the crossing of Rs. Ten thousand/- for the complete programme and that is refundable

2) Rs. Ten thousand/- to maximum One lakh /- will be granted as a loan and it is interest-free which has to refund back by the candidate once the course is finished and in 5 years

The Procedure for sanctioning of scholarship

  • The way to apply the Scholarship scheme is through person or email.
  • The candidate must note that in case any information or documents are missing so the applicants will be directly get informed by to give or submit the necessary documents.
  • The applicant must get clearly note that there will be the direct visit of Verification Officer (VO) to the applicant’s residence to do the proper verification of the academic and financial get to know the real condition of the applicant.
  • The candidate is advised to go through by viewing the website


Download- Medley Pharma Sima Khatib Scholarship Registration Form

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