Career In Beautician Courses Cosmetology Admission Fee Details

August 18, 2021

Career In Beautician Courses

Health and beauty industry is a fast-growing industry especially when new treatments and technologies are developed every day.  Everyone wants to look pretty and healthy. There is a huge demand for services being offered in this sector which leads to a great demand for skilled beauticians and therapists. Let’s first check on what kind of education is required so you can have the right degree or diploma for a bright career in beautician courses.

You can be of any stream in grade 12 and can apply, for a certificate or diploma course in beauty therapy/hairdressing to become a beautician or a hairdresser. To become a beautician it requires skills training, a lot of hard work and experience. Students of any stream in grade 12 after graduation can apply for a diploma course in cosmetology. This kind of education has to be professionally done through a reputed college. It includes subjects like anatomy, physiology, and a good knowledge of skin and hair.

It is always advisable to work as an intern in a renowned salon to get a good experience on the job as this expands your opportunity, not limiting you to one particular area, but you can explore all the different departments. They would help you to become a qualified consultant, thus making you more knowledgeable, you could help and advise the customer about their hair and skin types and give advice about what kind of treatment is required.

Skills that are necessary if you aspire to a career in beautician courses are: you have to be friendly to your customers, tactful at times, well-groomed, have good stamina, good health, most importantly, the ability to listen to your customer. The role of a beautician in a salon includes job responsibilities like Treatment for face, hair, skin, and body, threading, massages, skin, treatment, manicure, pedicure... If you specialize as a hairdresser cutting, styling, setting, hair coloring, hair treatment all include in our job responsibilities.

There are plenty of employment opportunities in this field, you could choose to work with, Beauty parlors, Beauty clinic in hotel and health resort, TV and film industry, Fitness clinics, Fashion and advertisement firms, Modeling agencies, Sports clubs, Leisure centers, Cruise and ships, and hotels. You could also start your own salon and be self-employed. The earning as per salary data sourced from can range to 61000 to 12.22 lakh per annum.

For Beauticians working for Models/film stars, makeup, the payment is done on daily or hourly bases. TV films, daily earning starts from RS 2500 to RS 7000. Beauty parlors, hotels, clubs, TV and film production units, beauty salons in the hotel are good recruiting sectors. Some of the reputed colleges for your reference are mentioned below, which have excellent ratings if you are planning your career in beautician courses.

  1. Habib’s hair academy
  2. Shahnaz Husain’s Women’s World, International Institution of Beauty
  3. Pivot Point India Mumbai
  4. Smiles Mumbai
  5. Lifestyle Clinic Academy Bangalore
  6. Jacques dessange New Delhi
  7. Delhi Institute of management and services New Delhi